Writing Services

The following services are offered at a competitive hourly rate. Please click on any linked item for more information.

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Grant and Proposal Research, Writing and Aministration

Discover your organization’s unique story Research potential funding sources that match your exact needs Compile your company’s data to maximize your funding potential Write compelling grant proposals Schedule site visits Track applications submitted and funded Collect and organize data needed for grant reporting

White Papers

Conduct necessary research and interviews Organize and compile critical data Tell your company’s unique story (taking the reader from the big picture to the proposed solutions) Provide detail oriented editing and proofreading

Needs Assessments

Determine who needs to be interviewed Develop the questions to ask Review and organize results Produce final product Provide detail oriented editing and proofreading  


Conduct research and interviews Write a unique and compelling story Provide detail oriented editing and proofreading

Résumés and Cover Letters

Choose the best organizational strategy for your resume Gather necessary elements for each chosen category Quantify accomplishments Create a visually appealing format for your resume Tailor your cover letter to each application Provide detail oriented editing end proofreading